Friday, March 10, 2006

Sick presidents

Via Geek Press, an interesting list of every American president, and the health problems each suffered. Fascinating stuff, although I had to look up a lot of medical terms.

Because I am a huge nerd, I went through and compiled a list of the most common ailments:

(9) Pneumonia
(8) Depression
(8) Stroke
(7) Gunshot wound
(7) Heart failure
(7) Malaria
(6) Cold
(6) Dysentery
(6) Heart attack
(5) Alcoholism
(5) Arthritis
(5) Hypertension
(4) Atherosclerosis
(4) Gout
(4) Headache
(4) Hearing loss
(4) Indigestion
(4) Obesity
(4) Tuberculosis
(3) Angina
(3) Asthma
(3) Boils
(3) Cerebral hemorrhage
(3) Diptheria
(3) Gall bladder disease
(3) Hair loss
(3) Heart disease
(3) Hemorrhoids
(3) Myopia
(3) Presbyopia
(3) Scarlet fever
(3) Sebaceous cyst
(3) Smallpox
(3) Typhoid fever

I'm not a doctor, so some of these things I was not sure how to count. There are lots of different cancers and 'nomas and whatnot, for instance, and I have no idea how to group those. So I didn't. Which means you probably ought to check out the link yourself.

But anyway, pretty cool, huh?


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