Thursday, February 23, 2012

Immortality watch

Hey, check it out, I was on TV! It's all because of a student in my US Government class who is interning at Fox and liked my beginning of the semester anti-plagiarism speech. Thanks, Jackie!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So, I recently participated in something really quite extraordinary.

Rich Burlew, the creator of a webcomic called the Order of the Stick had a pledge drive on KickStarter. Rich was trying to raise $57,750 so he could get some of his old books back in print.

I have enjoyed this comic quite a lot over the years, and so I decided to make a small contribution myself. I think a lot of us had the same idea, because Rich raised the money he needed within 48 hours. But he didn't quit there. He kept proposing new goals, new rewards, new plans and projects. And in 30 days, his fans ended up raising $1,254,120, or more than 20 times his original goal.

It was an amazing spectacle, watching those numbers just skyrocket up every day. But more than that, it was inspirational to see Rich keep pushing ahead. (Read the 28 updates he posted to see all the things he promised to his fans-- some of which he has already delivered.)

When I saw the first mention of his pledge drive, I was about a third of the way through writing a novel. So I decided that if I finished writing before the drive was over, I would reward myself with some fun comic books.

Thanks to this goal, and thanks to Rich's herculean example, I wrote over 55,000 words during that month, finishing the first draft of the novel on February 21st, the last day of the pledge drive.

So, thanks Rich. And thanks to lots of other people for providing their own examples of determination in the face of impossible odds, like my darling wife, who for weeks has been getting up before 4 AM and putting in 12 hour days (or more) at the hospital. You're amazing, sweetheart. Thanks for supporting me, and helping me find the motivation to see this through.

And thank you, imaginary readers. Even though I can't see you, I know you're out there doing something super awesome. Maybe you even want to hit the comment button and share your victories and triumphs.



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crown Prince

Good news, people of Eternia! As royal consort, I am pleased to announce that your queen is expecting a son.

The joyous event is anticipated to occur on July 4th, which will ever after be celebrated as a holiday among our people. The throne of Eternia will have an heir!

We are now accepting your suggestions for names for the Crown Prince. We have had some excellent early entrants on Facebook, so check out your competition there. If you suggest one that we end up using, you will be granted a title of nobility and lands in Eternia, although I should warn you that Eternia is not a real place and therefore does not, strictly speaking, exist.

But neither does Cambridge, and it's still good to be prince of that, I think.


(UPDATE : Oh, and my favorite one that I thought of just this morning: Humble Solomon Payne. Or Solomon Humble Payne. Or Humble Payne Solomon. Frankly, I'm not sure there's a bad way for those three words to be arranged.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Readers of the imaginary

I haven't done much posting this year. (My last two posts languished unpublished in the Blogspot editor for weeks.) Sorry about that, imaginary readers. You deserve better. I don't know that you'll get it, but you deserve it.

So anyhow, one of the things that's been keeping me busy is a book. I was hired last year to write a novel based on a movie. I know a guy who makes movies, and he wanted to try releasing a novelization together with his next film. We've talked to a publisher, and they seem interested, so I think this book is actually going to get made. Pretty cool, right?

I now have more than 70,000 words written, and I think I'll have the first draft wrapped up in another week or so. I'm super excited about this, but also a little nervous. I'm pretty confident in my ability to write a good sentence, a good paragraph, even a good chapter, but I've never written a whole novel before. So I am less confident that I have got the big things right, like plot and character arcs.

It's just a first draft, of course, and hopefully it will get better as I revise it over the coming months. Which is where you come in, my dear imaginary readers. I'd love to get your feedback. If you have time for a the whole book, great. If all you have time for is a chapter or two, also great. I have some that could use some polishing. So if you want to help out, or just offer a few words of encouragement, drop me a line.

As for the rest of you, don't worry, I'll keep you posted. Eventually.