Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I'm updating the ol' blogroll this morning. Here are the blogs of five women I know from Boston. I'm not sure why it is that I know several women and zero men from my ward who have blogs, but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that we men are losers.

Anyway, LINKS!

A Day in an Often Overwhelming Life is written by Kelly, who used to live just the other side of Davis Square from me, but who now has gone to seek her fortune. Good luck, Kelly!

Sylvia has a "methinks," not a blog, called FishieFishies. Bill Gates has conspired to prevent me from commenting on her site, but some day I shall figure out how to do it. (Until then, no one will find out the connection I see between J. Golden Kimball, Teancum, and secret superpowers.)

I don't bump into Cathy as often as I used to, but now that I know she has a blog, I can bump into her here in virtual reality. Her blog is called The Indomitable Optimist, and I'm glad I found it!

I have been on a double date with Mary, and I am forced to admit that I spent the whole time arguing with her about Kentucky Fried Chicken and the genetics of poultry. (And now you all know why I am still single.) Check out Mary + Her Mental Health for easter egg memories and other fun stuff.

Stacer's Journal is the creation of Stacey, from whom I bought the DVD of Ocean's 11 for seven dollars. Best purchase I ever made. Stacey does the kind of writing that I wish I could do-- and gets paid for it! I'm envious, but hopeful that I can crib some secret tips from her blog.

I'm sure I have other friends out there in the ether, whose blogs I will stumble upon some day. But if any of you, my imaginary readers, can help me in my quest, I would be much obliged.



One more friend! Maria, at whose house I once won a game of Trivial Pursuit, has also departed Boston, but is not forgotten. Her blog is called Miss Hass's Happenings. Since Maria recently became an aunt, her blog is a great place to go for pictures of babies And everybody likes that.


stacer said...

Well, I'm glad I ventured past the first page, because I didn't know about Cathy's blog. I have all the other girls favorited, but not hers.

I still write at my norroway LJ, but most of my public blogging is done at my professional journal, http://slwhitman.livejournal.com, where I mostly write for the benefit of those who write, who want to write, or who want to edit. But I often post about relatively public personal stuff there, too, so you might find it of interest.

the House of Payne said...

Thanks, Stacer.