Monday, January 16, 2012

Movie review: Special sand-blasted skyscraper edition

Before leaving Nephi and returning to the land of twelve dollar movie tickets, the Princess and I took in one last show: Mission: Impossible: 4: Ghost: Protocol, starring Tom Cruise and some people or whatever.

I liked this. Lots of people said this was the best Mission Impossible movie, and although I still like the first one best, this one was definitely more fun than the previous two. (Sorry, Thandie Newton. Sorry, Philip Seymour Hoffman.)

I liked that this was a little less focused on Tom Cruise, and allowed his co-stars to shine. I particularly enjoyed Simon Pegg, but that's because I particularly enjoy Simon Pegg. Teeny little Jeremy Renner was also quite good-- good enough to convince me to see him in the Bourne Anti-penultimatum.

Anyway, part of me wants to give this four stars, but they spent like ten minutes at the end sitting around a cafe chatting with Tom Cruise, which I did not care about in the least, so I'm going to give it three stars and a cup of coffee.

Suck on that, Tom Cruise.


Sunday, January 08, 2012

Restaurants of Nephi, revisited

It's been a while since Adora and I sampled Nephi's cuisine.

But during our epic double in-law Christmas tour, we were in Utah for a week and saw a new restaurant on Main Street. It's a Mexican restaurant called the Jaliscience, which looks like it must involve science somehow, but it really means the person from Jalisco.

Long story short, YOU MUST TRY THIS PLACE if you are ever in Nephi.

The Jaliscience is not just the best Mexican restaurant in Nephi, although it is. (Sorry, Mi Rancherito. We still love you.) It is not just the best restaurant in Nephi, although it is. This is the best Mexican food I've had in at least a year, during which time I have enjoyed Mexican cuisine in Texas, Arizona, California, and Boston multiple times. It's that good.

Seriously, I wish I lived in Utah so I could go there right now. If you're in Provo, drive down. This is worth the trip, even if they don't have a billboard on the highway that says so. Until I can buy them one.