Thursday, May 13, 2004

What makes me a geek?

The Llama Butchers have invited the whole web to declare what it is that makes us geeks. All right, sounds good. But just to be clear, let's define "geek":

What "geek" seems to mean in this context is "I am incredibly passionate about something rather trivial, and I can tell you every teeny detail about that subject, and I'm kind of embarrassed at how much I know ... and yet ... here goes..."

So here are ten things that I know too much about:

10. Obscure Swedish indie bands like the Mopeds and Komeda
9. Out-of-print roleplaying games (Marvel, Buck Rogers XXVC, Star Frontiers, etc.)
8. The War of the Triple Alliance (1864-1870)
7. Colonel Qadaffi's all-female bodyguard, the Nuns of the Revolution
6. Web comics
5. Robert E. Howard's Conan stories
4. Planet of the Apes (the original five movies only, thank you)
3. The writings of James Thurber
2. US policy on Indochina during World War II
1. G.I. Joe comic boooks

Yep. I'm a geek.

PS - Thanks to the Butchers for sending links our way!


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