Saturday, May 22, 2004


Still at the conference. I wrote a lengthy post last night about America's moral obligations towards Sudan and other vacation spots. But as I was completing it, my laptop abruptly shut down for no apparent reason. Miserable piece of junk. Anyway, I'll see if I have the time to reproduce it later today, but for now there's other business.

Several other websites have added the House of Payne to their blogrolls, which has moved this blog a bit up the evolutionary ladder. I think I like the idea of being a reptile, although I worry that some day a cheerfully obnoxious Australian man with a camera crew will show up to tag me.

Anyway, they've linked me, and so I shall link them in return. It is the law, just like "ape shall not kill ape." Fortunately, they all run good blogs and so I am happy to return the favor.

First, the Wump Blog, which has recently posted a terrific essay about how "Sunni Islamic sacred texts perceive the issue of violence." Those of my imaginary readers who want to understand better what is going on in places like Fallujah should read this right away.

Second, Gilly's World. Gilly has a great post about the need for Europe to get involved in Iraq. The last couple of years have left me feeling much less interested in what Europe does, but Gilly makes a good case. Check it out.

Third, the Geek Empire, a blog have linked to before. One recent post that deserves your attention concerns the recent editorial published by Nick Berg's father, which contrasts dramatically with the one I excerpted here from Danny Pearl's father. In a related post, we find out about a gentleman who says about Nick Berg's decapitation that there is a "98% chance that this is a military-industrial complex psyop." Nice. Go read it, and be sure not to miss my very snarky remark in the comments section.

Fourth, and finally, the amazingly prolific Llama Butchers. Yip, yip, yip! Any day of the week you can stop in and find a few things that make you think and a few that make you giggle. Be sure to read the post about British soldiers living up to the example of valor set by their forefathers at Rorke's Drift. And also be sure to check out their take on what is happening in North Korea. (My friend Lyle at LDS4Bush also talks about this and notes with disappointment that Bush isn't getting any credit for this and other diplomatic successes.)

Anyway, I have to jump in the shower and go grab my continental breakfast. More posting later tonight maybe. Muchisimas gracias a todos que me han linqueado, y gracias a todos que lean este blog. Bueno, ya me voy. Chau chau.


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