Monday, May 17, 2004

UN in Sudan

Doc Rampage covers the ongoing atrocities suffered by Black Africans at the hands of North African Arabs in Sudan. (Hat tip: Instapundit.)

I believe in using words carefully, so that their meaning is not diluted, but it is estimated that more than two million people have been killed in the last twenty years of fighting between the Muslim-dominated north and the Animist-Christian south. And by all reports, things have begun to escalate of late. Perhaps it is time for us to start using the word genocide when we talk about Sudan.

To all those who look to the UN to deliver peace and prosperity (to countries like Iraq), I say look at Sudan. The UN is already there, and so far they are doing nothing to stop the violence. We cannot accuse them of doing nothing at all, though. Some of them seem to be taking the opportunity to line their pockets:

Aid workers from other agencies have accused the UN of inefficiency and perhaps worse.

"What is going on here is very dark," said one western aid worker at a non-UN agency.

"Money seems to have disappeared. Who knows whether it has been stolen or whether it has just disappeared in the UN machine. The inefficiency is astounding."

The UN? Stealing money from those it is supposed to be aiding? Surely not.

President Bush, please speak up and call attention to this. (If for nothing else than to call attention to the felonious character of your detractors. After all, the best defense is a good offense.)


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