Thursday, May 20, 2004

Follow me, boys

A couple of years ago my friend Marc offered me the opportunity to help him do some consulting for an African government. It turns out that Marc and I are both Eagle Scouts, and one of the things that we thought would be best for the long-term political health of this country was the expansion of the Boy Scout program, which we recognized was already a great force for good there. (In the end, the government was overthrown in a coup before we really got a chance to get started doing much of anything there, but that's another story.)

Fellow scouter Grimbeorn discusses a couple of recent writings about scouts, including the true story of the underground survival and post-liberation rebirth of the boy scouts in Iraq. This is the kind of development that is ultimately going to change the course of history over there.

A scout is:
Trustworthy, loyal, helpful,
Friendly, courteous, kind,
Obedient, cheerful, thrifty,
Brave, clean, and reverent.

We could use a few more like that in every country.


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