Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Real American Heroes

Once again, I am going to talk about Spirit of America. As you, my imaginary readers may know, there has been a contest among bloggers to see which group can bring in the most donations for this very worthy cause. Well, the different groups have decided that they are no longer competing against each other (just as well--my group was getting whipped) and are now working together, trying to raise $50,000. And actually, we're pretty close.

Everyone else seems to be offering special incentives to convince people to donate. Me, too. Anyone who reads this post and donates $30 or more because of it will win a very special prize. I will ship to them one of five bound volumes of the old Marvel G.I. Joe comic book from the eighties. (I have some left over from a class me and a friend taught here in January.)

Let me just tell you, these books are super-awesome, even more awesome than when I first read them when I was nine years old. Great art, great stories-- and each volume reprints ten of the original comic issues. First ones to notify me will win Volume 3, with the famed-through-time-and-space SILENT ISSUE!

So, go make a donation to Spirit of America. Then email your donation receipt to me (jpayne1138 at aol dot com), and I'll email you back to get your address.

Yo, Joe!


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