Saturday, April 24, 2004

Book of the Month

Rapture: The Second Coming, by William Spencer-Hale.

As I said before, I am a huge nerd. Part of being a huge nerd is being interested in role-playing games. These days I don't have the time, but once I was a great big role-playing dork. Enough said.

So, the fascinating thing about this book is that it is a guide for Apocalyptic roleplaying. That's right. It's a game about the last days before the second coming of Christ, compatible with Dungeons and Dragons, favorite bogeyman of various Christian groups. I love it. For the record, the game allows you to play on either side.

Anyway, I must confess that I haven't bought this, or even read it. It could be brilliant. It could be crap. But the idea so appeals to my sense of irony that I had to post about it. I'd love to hear more about it, though. So if any of you buy it, please drop me a line.

Meanwhile, enjoy another attempt to imagine what it's really like to deal with scary Christian monsters (although this author displays a much lower capacity for imagination).


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