Friday, April 30, 2004

Lt. Kerry, anti-war activist

Just One Minute has been doing a terrific job investigating an error perpetuated by Sen. John Kerry's campaign-- namely, that Kerry was no longer a naval officer in 1970-72 when he was most active in protesting the Vietnam War, and when he met with representatives of North Vietnam in Paris.

Just as I think that Americans should watch what they say when their words will get back to the enemy, I think that servicemen and women must be held to a higher standard. The law recognizes distinctions between military personnel and private citizens by establishing two separate systems of justice for them. It's a different thing for Lt. Kerry to be an anti-war activist than it is for John Kerry, private citizen. I think that Kerry's dissembling on this issue shows not only that he, too, is aware of this distinction, but that he also believes that American voters would make the same distinction. I think he's right.


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