Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Real American Hero

So, some Hollywood idiots have decided to ruin another beloved treasure of my childhood. Some people will be tempted to see it, even though they know better. They have only my contempt.

But I expect better of you, my imaginary readers. You know where I stand on this contemptible betrayal of a cherished American icon, and I hope I can count on you to stand with me.

In the good news department, I am pleased to announce that IDW Publishing is re-releasing the classic G.I. Joe comic books from the 1980s as trade paperbacks. If you have a jones for G.I. Joe, I highly recommend these books. (Especially good is volume 3, which has issue 21, the acclaimed and groundbreaking "silent issue." It's the first appearance of Storm Shadow. So awesome...)

Yo Joe!



David said...

I know you are mourning a great loss (as all nerds must at this point), but maybe you will find solace, as I have, in the fact that this movie will contain Sienna Miller.

Then again, the last movie I saw in order to see my love also contained a gay zeppelin pirate, so maybe it will be terrible

Linda said...

i can't believe you haven't blogged about Star Trek yet. I loved it! Fantastic movie- I want to know your thoughts.

the House of Payne said...

Haven't seen it. Can you believe it?

David said...

You totally should. It's like a Star Trek movie, but with good acting. And good effects. And Simon Pegg.

Linda said...

It is really good. The nerdyness in you is shrinking- you must go and see it this week, and reclaim you inner nerd!

squirrelyearl said...

Wow you're so right. I have gone to a couple midnight showings to hear everybody cheering about the new Transformers movie, to which I loudly boo. It looks like they are making Transformers 2 as pretty much the same movie with better special effects. Then I saw the G.I. Joe trailer and I pretty much expect it to be Transformers 3. Really is a shame they can't build a decent movie instead of throwing out ridiculous amounts of CGI completely devoid of any semblance of a plot.

HaH said...

I'm actually really mad about the new Land of the Lost movie. I know that LofL was no great show, but I believed in it, and I believed in those Sleestaks. Will Farrell is just going to ruin it!!

I'll admit that the original was campy, but I'll take campy any day over silly cheese!

commoncents said...

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ps. Link Exchange??

the House of Payne said...

Yes, campy is better than cheesy. You're right, HaH.

PS - No link exchanges, CC. Sorry!