Friday, December 21, 2007

The sickness is deep

Baby, if you've ever wondered... wondered why I despise Ron Paul... I'll tell you one reason why: Many of his most ardent fans are psychos.

Here's an example. Lots of political blogs have noticed that Ron Paul has taken money from neo-Nazis, and that conspiracy nuts and white supremacists are proudly claiming him as the candidate that represents their views. Paul has generally not repudiated these supporters or their views, or given the money back. That's bad.

But it gets a lot worse. The Paulbots have figured out that people are judging The Only Man Who Can Save America by the company he keeps. In other words, lots of voters might get the idea that Ron Paul is a paranoid anti-semite. So, what do they do? They accuse everyone else involved of being a conniving Jew.

White supremacists who say they like Ron Paul? Jews.

Right-wing bloggers who expose the links between Ron Paul and white supremacists? Also Jews.

Other mainstream bloggers and media organizations who criticize the first bunch of bloggers? You might think that these are the good guys, since they are on the same side as Ron Paul. But they're Jews, too-- playing a very deep game. I wish I were kidding, but here's a quote:

It should be obvious that LGF is a Zionist operation, but that doesn't mean you can trust people who expose the lies of LGF.

...none of these groups are willing to expose the Iraq war, Zionism, 9/11, the Holocaust lies, the Apollo moon landing hoax, or any other crime.

...Some of the people who criticize the critics of Ron Paul are Zionist agents, also.

The Zionists are trying to control every side of the issue so that no matter who you decide to trust, you are trusting a Zionist Jew. The only solution is be suspicious of everybody!

Wow. That's USDA Grade-A Choice Psycho. And let me just say that blaming your troubles on scheming Jews is not a good way to prove that you are not an insane neo-Nazis. Which is why we have to suspect that the real conspiracy runs even deeper.

Want to know the real truth? It's too deep and dark for me to see it in its entirety, but let me just say that I have begun to suspect that those of Ron Paul's supporters who say that Nazis, anti-Nazis, and anti-anti-Nazis are all Jewish agents are in fact themselves the real Jewish agents! DUN DUN DUNNNNN!

Or maybe Ron Paul and his fans are all a bunch of loons.


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Not Too Pensive said...

Dang, they let Jews teach at BYU now? I thought that was a Mormon school...

Which means...

Oh, no, not the Mormons... they're in on it...

which means... Romney...

Dear Sweet gold bullion stocked under my mattress! We must warn the people!

To the internet polls!