Friday, June 04, 2010

We Don't Take Kindly to Your Type Around Here

As my imaginary readers know, we don't take kindly to bigots around here-- especially bigots who want to represent the Party of Lincoln. Man, forget that noise.

So when I read about a jackass in South Carolina who called one of his political opponents a "raghead" because her parents are Sikhs from India, yeah, I was pretty mad. How mad? So mad that, Obama-like, I am leaping into action with the awesome power of talking about things.

So although I don't know much about Nikki Haley, I am happy to announce that this blog is officially endorsing her in the race for Governor of South Carolina. Also, this blog is officially endorsing the jackass, state senator Jake Knotts, for a catapult ride to the center of the Atlantic ocean. And I think the Railsplitter would be happy to stand alongside me and pull the lever, for both of them.



Alice Wills Gold said...

I bet he's a Christian. :)

the House of Payne said...

Oh, I bet he calls himself a Christian, all right. But his actions don't belong to a follower of Christ.

Sylvia said...

Somebody needs to lock this guy in the Tower of Tact for a good millennium or two. He said his comments were "in jest." WTH kind of "jest" is a racist slur? And how can he further try to justify his comments by calling himself an authentic representative of his constituency? Surely not all South Carolinians(?) are bigots or adulterers, but their political leaders sure aren't making the state look good at the moment.

the House of Payne said...

Too true!