Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ultimate links of 2009

And by ultimate, I mean the last ones I am going to post this year. Yatta!

* After the scary underwear attack of the pantybomber, airlines are apparently considering banning the use of laptop computers during flight. So I'm going to start bringing my desktop machine.

* Apparently, Star Trek appeals to liberals, and Star Wars appeals to conservatives. Of course, I proved this with a survey a dozen years ago as an undergrad, back before the data was muddied by the prequels.

* Plants want to live, and try to avoid being eaten. If you're a vegetarian for ethical reasons, how do you feel about that?

* An Arizona girl with no arms can fly a plane. In comparison, I have two arms and change, and I can barely drive a car.

* A computer doesn't work like your brain. This might mean we are even farther from artificial intelligence than we think.

* Yay America! Yay flag!

* This one is really interesting. This guy has written a series of very short science fiction stories, each one centered around a different element from the periodic table. For example, the Hydrogen story is about zeppelins. Awesome!

* And finally, a blog that tracks funny acronyms.




Sylvia said...

Dammit Johannes Clerk! I have work to do and now I'm going to be reading articles and watching videos instead of working for the greater good! All you need are some cool laser-based toys and you would be eligible to meet Bad Horse in person.

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squirrelyearl said...

Loved the acronyms. Beautiful.