Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just a bunch of stuff

So, it's Thanksgiving. RB is at her sister's in Atlanta (the other sister, not the one who wanted my chili recipe). And I am trying not to think about all the pie in the fridge. So, basically, I'm bored and grouchy.

Time for a link-fest!

* Did you know that Africa + South America = Dinosaur? Because it does.

* Did you know that European children are just as stupid as American children? Because they are.

* Lots of straight lines on maps are crooked, sometimes because the surveyors were drunk.

* Iraqis are relying on high-tech dowsing rods to detect bombs at security checkpoints.

* Good news for RB: Catching up on lost sleep works, according to a new study.

* My friend Marc is in a BBC documentary you can listen to online. I myself was once interviewed by the campus newspaper. Well, not the official campus newspaper, just something some students were putting out. But, you know, it was still a big deal.

* New favorite blog to waste fifteen minutes with: Asian Poses, documenting the ways Asians (particularly Japanese and Koreans) pose when someone points a camera at them.

* Aliens do not love synthesizer music as much as you have been led to believe.

* Do you feel like eating fast food, but you're not sure where to go? Wonder no longer!

* Speaking of food, a farmer speaks up on Thanksgiving about the miracle that is modern agriculture. (Thank you!)

* Apparently, pink is the new black. (Yes, I know. Lazy hack joke. But it's late.)

It's over!!!



Grettle said...

I tried to listen to Mark but he wasn't the voice, unless you have to listen for a long time. Wanted you to know I checked. Didn't try other links b/c I have way too much to do and too little time.

Grettle said...

I lied. Had to try just ONE more. Eating fast food chart - cute. Mom

the House of Payne said...

Yeah, Marc is most of the way in. And British support for a bloodless coup in a tiny Gulf sheikhdom is maybe not as interesting to everyone as it is to specialists.

But that's why I also put in the fast food decision chart!