Thursday, August 13, 2009

A year of movies

Okay, I'm tired of having this dumb post about a video game at the top of my blog. So how about we talk about movies? It's been almost a year since I posted my first set of reviews. And I know that you, my imaginary readers, have been eagerly anticipating the sequel-- which, here it is!

Fall 2008 movie reviews

* * Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist : I love George Michael, but this movie was mostly pretty vapid. I guess I just could not relate to the protagonists, rich teenagers in New York City who are immersed in the indie music scene. It just seemed ridiculous to me; even the music was a mixed bag.

* * Twilight : One day, Robert Pattinson will bite me and I will become a glittery fey vampire who sparkles in the sunlight. Until then, I will have to watch this movie and dream. The best part of the experience was that my date and I were alone in the theater with, like, a whole middle school worth of girls, who oohed and ahhed and giggled their way through the whole film. Now I know what it feels like inside the heart of a thirteen year old girl.

* * Quantum of Solace : Kaboom! Explosions! Punching! Cars! Solace! Oil! Girls! Blammo! Whatever!

2009 movie reviews

* * * * Coraline : Stop-motion animation about a little girl who discovers a doorway into a world of magic and spookiness. Like a Tim Burton movie, but cuter. Some of the visuals were just unbelievable. See this on the big screen if you can.

* * * * Doubt : The four principal actors were all nominated for Oscars, and for good reason. It's a great, great movie-- especially because there's no big courtroom scene where the evil-doer is confronted with the facts. In fact, it's not even completely obvious who did wrong. The story is left ambiguous. Fascinating.

* * * Taken : Want to see Liam Neeson punch every sleazebag gangster in Europe in the throat? I know I did! Wish he could have spared one for James Bond.

* Terminator Salvation : This film made me long for the the careful realism of James Cameron's original, not to mention the understated, subtle performance of Arnold Schwartzenegger. Sorry, Batman.

* * * * * Up : Thank you, Pixar, for the best movie I have seen this year.

* * * Star Trek : It's a new flavor of Trek, but I like it. I thought New Kirk = New Coke, but the final scene convinced me I was wrong. Plus, Simon Pegg as Scotty was hilarious.

* * * * (500) Days of Summer : I liked this movie a lot. I've been thinking about a lot of these same questions-- what is love, how do I know when I've found the right woman for me, etc.-- and so I really identified with the protagonist. Plus, great music. (Sorry, George Michael.)

* * * * Julie & Julia I almost want to give this five stars, just for the Julia parts of the movie. But the Julie parts of the movie are clearly three-star material. But go see this just for Meryl Streep. Genius! This is the kind of love story we need more of. The kind with food is what I mean.



Alice Wills Gold said...

We LOVED Up at our house.

Elizabeth said...

I am glad some guy out there has something good to say about Julie & Julia. Meryl Streep was awesome and totally the better of the two. But is it bad to say that I identified a lot with Julie, minus having perfected cooking? Blaming my problems on ADD that I don't even know for sure if I have, is totally my style.