Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This week's weird sex story, brought to you by Japan

It's actually safe to read. It's about men who call themselves herbivores, because they're more interested in gardening and other solitary, passive pursuits than the competitive worlds of business and dating. According to some estimates in this story, up to three-quarters of Japanese men in their twenties and thirties consider themselves to be 'herbivores.'

I go to a ward (Mormon congregation) out here that is mostly composed of single people in their twenties and thirties. I wonder how many of my brethren would identify with the herbivore lifestyle in some way? And I wonder what the girls would say about how many of us boys are herbivores? Then again, maybe now is not a fair time to ask this question, since we had a big discussion in church this last Sunday about how boys need to be more aggressive and active in dating. So we've kind of primed the pump, as it were. Ahem.

Anyway, just for the sake of clarity, although I applaud many of the herbivores' ideals (quiet reflection, opposition to a consumerist culture, love of nature, etc.), I could never fully identify with a movement whose name suggests abstinence from eating meat. But if there was a group that abandoned competitive pursuits in favor of barbecue, I would be sorely tempted. Maybe we could be the Meat-loving Monks?

Or maybe not.


(UPDATE 6/20 : Looks like the whole movement is a little fruity. So, yeah, I'm definitely out.)


Alice Wills Gold said...

Or maybe you could get very blessed, find some lovely piece of meat and join the rest of us in the world filled with the children who are living proof that we do indeed indulge once in a while. :)

David said...

Weird? Sex? JAPAN? I must admit, I'm quite surprised that those three things go together.

David said...

Also, speaking of shunning the world for barbecue, let's make brisket for the 4th. No better way to celebrate America than with excessive meat consumption.

the House of Payne said...

Alice, I'd love to.

David, I'd love to.