Friday, December 30, 2011

Movie review roundup: Special disco alien edition

I really did intend to review movies as they came, but... then I didn't. So here you go!

* * * Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2: The Legend of Neville's Gold: Better than the first part. In fact, they should have skipped the first part and just done this.

* * * * Super 8 : Super awesome! Saw it with the Princesa de Poder, and we both really enjoyed it. The best part comes after the credits. It's a two-minute zombie movie called "The Case," which the kids were making with their super 8 camera. Worth an entire extra star.

* * Green Lantern : I have a shirt with the emblem of the Green Lantern Corps on it. I can (and do) recite the oath at the slightest provocation. I secretly believe that Hal Jordan faked his death so he could fight evil in another way. I'm a fan is what I am saying. And the only thing I can say about this film is that it wasn't a bad way to pass a rainy afternoon.

* * * The Help : If this movie was just about the help, it would get four stars. They were awesome. But it's mostly about the women who employ the help, and they were a pretty tedious lot.

* * Cowboys and Aliens : I am giving this two stars because I am hoping that the parts I missed while wrapping presents were better than the par--ts I saw. Shame on you, Han Solo. Shame on you, James Bond. Shame on you, Thirteen. We expect better things from you all, or at least more entertaining things.

That's all for now, imaginary readers, but we might see Sherlock Holmes 2 this afternoon. So stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!


(UPDATE: * * * * for Holmes and Watson! Good show!)

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alice said...

I liked the Help but i can see what you're saying about it being about the women who employed them. I also liked part one of the Deathly Hallows. My kids love Super 8, and we want to see Sherlock Holmes 2. Haven't seen Aliens Vs. Cowboys or Green Lantern. Don't really want to see them.