Saturday, May 28, 2011

If I had a wish then it would be

My little brother and I have birthdays that are a week apart. And also ten years. So anyway we just had them.

And he was saying that between 25 and whenever the senior discounts start happening, there's really no benefit to getting older. That's true. But I think I know how we could change that.

I turned 36 earlier this month, which is double 18. And when I turned 18, all kinds of things happened. I was considered an adult, I got to vote, etc. So here's what I'm thinking. Each multiple of 18, you should get more privileges. So at twice 18, I should get two votes.

Now, with great power comes great responsibility. So to balance out getting two votes, my name would go in twice if there was a draft. And the same for 54 and 72 year olds, etc. This would also have the virtue of making sure that America's armies are wiser and more experienced.

I see no downside. Maybe my close personal friend, and noted super-genius, Barack Obama will be able to make this happen. Finally, we can finally smash the tyranny of the young!

Hey, you kids-- get off my lawn! Alte kackers uber alles!



David said...

You're forgetting a huge downside of your plan. If old people are more likely to get drafted, then we keep the average age of the population down. Without old people to complain, who will make those noisy teenagers turn down their crappy music? Who, John?

the House of Payne said...

Dave, you are wise (and curmudgeonly) beyond your years.

Jack said...

I suggest the benefit between the years 25 and seniors in that you are alive :)