Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I know I should have started thinking about this weeks ago, but I don't know what to be for Halloween. Ideally, it would cost less than twenty dollars, be super original and fun, and work as half of a couple costume. But two out of three ain't bad.

I hunted around this morning for a Captain Hammer t-shirt, but all the official ones my size are sold out. And.. you know... I want to do an official one if I'm going to do this.



PS - Going as one of the groupies is still an option. But I don't like that t-shirt as well.


Grettle said...

Sorry I didn't do my weekly blog check earlier. Mollie found Red Riding Hood and a wolf costume (looked easy and fun and couply) at Martha Stewart. Links are on their Halloween post. Too late for this year, but a great resource for another costume event. Mom

the House of Payne said...

No worries. Cami couldn't go, so I went with my roommates as a fraternity. We just threw on bedsheet togas and said "DUUUUDE!" a lot.