Friday, November 28, 2008

Hey America, you're so fine

It's a good day. I spent the morning putting up a Christmas tree with my brother and his family. Then I got online and bought presents on Amazon's Black Friday sale. This afternoon we all went out and threw the frisbee around. And of course, I'm completely full of turkey and cranberries.

Thank you, America, for being awesome. And thank you, God, for letting me be born in America.


PS - I played this game to see how much I love America. I got a 97%. Stupid Roe v. Wade... Can't believe I missed that one. So easy.


Alice Wills Gold said...

That was one small step for America...YEAH!

So grateful to be American, even when our politicians are all wrong! :)

Alice Wills Gold said...

57% ... guess it's time to go back to college...or should I say high school...ouch!