Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I thought this financial crisis thing was, you know, a crisis. People in Washington have been talking like it's the end of the world. But their actions tell me that it's just another day in Washington, with piggies crowding the trough. The bailout bill is loaded up with the same stupid useless crap as always. And when I say useless crap, what I mean is a bunch of earmarks for things like wool research.

As Mark Steyn says:

I'm willing to be persuaded of the merits of a bill for "wool research", or the merits of a billion-trillion-gazillion-dollar bill to save the planet from economic meltdown. But the same piece of legislation cannot plausibly contain both.

I'll start worrying about the fate of the global economy when Congress quits acting like teenage kids on a shopping spree.


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Big Jay said...

My opinion - and I'm honestly trying to decide if I'm going to devote any resources to this project - Any elected official who voted for this bailout should be voted out of office at the next available opportunity. Regardless of party affiliation, and regardless of who their opponent is. It seems to me that there is a divide in this country as to who exactly is pissed off about this bailout. Everyone who is shell shocked looking at their 401K's pretty much supports it. Everyone else who is paying attention is super pissed off. But two years from now, if it turns out that the bailout didn't work like we all hope it does... those 401k watchers are going to be even more pissed off than we can presently imagine.