Monday, September 15, 2008

The last word on Palin

I think I need to lay off the politics for a while. But before I do, here's one last bit about the campaign. If you haven't seen Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, you haven't lived. (Thanks, Dean's World.)



Alice Wills Gold said...

I guess I am a bit prudish, but I so wanted to post that on my blog, but can't do it because of those two little words from know the ones.

And, I guess I am not righteous enough because I was just laughing my a... off.

Thanks for your best post of the year. I hadn't seen that and it was SOOOO entertaining.

And, the only reason that McCain will be getting my vote is because of Sarah Palin...if that makes me naive and uneducated, so be it!

My only hope is that McCain will kick the bucket ASAP AFTER being elected.

Sara said...

Sorry John -- I can't lay off! Every time I hear Palin talk it's like "Everything I learned about the federal government I learned in Kindergarten (Wasila)." I can't get over her . . . the woman horrifies me as a candidate. You need to come up with a really good topic here to get me off of this jag.

the House of Payne said...

Hm... Lately I've been wasting my time looking at old pictures posted on Facebook by the girls from Topeka High. There's even one of you that I think Erin Rooney posted. Or it might have been Kara Heitz. Fun to bump into them after all these years.

Sam said...

We'll I'm going to lay off of politics for a while too. I just read Obama Nation, and it was numbing. Someone so guilded. So dirty inside, sooo advanced in politics and the backroom deals.