Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So it's come to this: Another link-fest

I've been meaning to blog, but haven't. Sorry, imaginary readers. To make it up to you, here are some of the interesting things I've read lately. I'd like to give credit to the other blogs where I first found them, but they came from all over and I can't remember any more. So, enjoy!

Here are three interesting new technological developments:

* First, here's a new chip that will let an iPod store a half a million songs. Awesome!

* Second, here's a guy who talks about the ways that Web 2.0 technologies could change our society. Neato!

* Last, from Japan, this one is more cringe-inducing than useful. Yikes!

These three articles reinforce my skepticism about environmentalism:

* First-world ethanol may mean third-world starvation.

* The "organic" food you buy in the store is not better for the earth, and might not be better for you, either.

* For the US to meet the carbon-reduction goals of Obama, Clinton, or McCain, we would have to use less energy per person than we did before the industrial revolution.

Some lists which may provide a few minutes of entertainment or distraction:

* A (British) list of the 101 most useful sites on the web. Some of these are quite new to me, but some I couldn't get by without.

* From Esquire, a list of 75 skills a man should know. About a third of these I don't think are necessary at all-- many of them involving alcohol, etc.-- but about a third of these I wish I knew how to do.

* Here's a list of the world’s worst religious leaders from Foreign Policy. I think they could easily double the length of this list without diluting the quality. Or increasing the quality, maybe?

* And finally, a list of the twenty most frightening weapons systems in recent history. Scary!

Anyway, there's lots more to share, but I'm tired of doing this, so I'm just going to stop now and leave you with a video I wish I had made myself.


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