Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Test confirms the obvious

So, I took an online test that said I am a conservative. I am posting the results here not because they are interesting (they are not), but to interest you, my imaginary readers, in testing yourselves.

The test is really about which moral values you find to be most important. People of all political persuasions are motivated by moral principles-- the big difference is which moral principles (equality, justice, freedom) move them most. I found it enlightening. Perhaps you will as well.

Of course, taking tests of this sort is a bit like reading tea leaves, or the I Ching. The test doesn't have the answers you seek. It doesn't know you, doesn't know anything about the world. You're the one with the answers, and you know them already. So it's really just a novel way of asking yourself questions, in the hopes of tricking yourself into accidentally having an interesting thought.

Good luck!



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the House of Payne said...

Thank you, Spambot. I am glad you dropped by. I would be even gladder if I could figure out how to delete your valuable, yet totally worthless comment.


the House of Payne said...

Actually, I have figured out how to delete it. But what I want to do is edit it, for humorous effect. Alas, I am too stupid...

Anonymous said...

But the comment is really good written. It's just great!!

-an imaginary reader.