Friday, March 16, 2007

The New York Times crushes my dreams again

Seriously, when I read things like this, I remember a tale of my late-marrying uncle. Upon being told that marital bliss was, in fact, not 100% bliss 100% of the time, he allegedly shouted something like, "Don't spoil the illusion! It's the only thing keeping me going!"

I feel you, dog. I feel you.



stacer said...

Ah, too bad. I just noticed this now and I'm not going to subscribe to the NYT just for a laugh. But I feel you on the "don't spoil the illusion" part. It sounds like something Ron would say. (of Harry, Hermione and, yes)

Martha said...

Unlike your fan above, I DO have an account with the NYT. Interesting article. I haven't heard a lot about it in the industry, but maybe I'm not quite up on the latest. On a personal note: I'm all for snoring. I just haven't found anyone who saws logs in syncopation. THAT'S why I'm still single. Glad someone over at the NYT picked up on it!

the House of Payne said...

Stacer, you need this link super-bad.

Martha, if it's syncopated snoring you're really after, you need to find a jazz man, or possibly a ragtime pianist. First time I read your comment, I thought you were talking about synchronized snoring, but the more I think about it, the more that sounds like a bad idea, because of the possibility of the sound
waves reinforcing
each other. Syncopation would be much better.