Monday, April 17, 2006

Scott Adams is one gutsy dude

Either that, or he doesn't know a can of worms when he sees one.


UPDATE: As of right now (8:53 EDT, April 17), there are 321 responses to the post. For those of my imaginary readers who have not clicked over and read it, it's basically asking people who believe in prophets to explain their justification for believing in some prophets and not others. He specifically mentions Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Mormons.

Here's the breakdown of who posted an answer:

44 Mormons (13.7%)
133 other Christians (41.4%)
14 Jews (4.4%)
2 Muslims (0.6%)
4 Bahai, Hindu, and etc. (1.3%)
121 undeclared - and a few declared unbelievers (37.7%)

Interesting, isn't it?

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